No two cities are the same. Cities need custom made solutions. To determine which solution is best for a square, a building, a street, neighbourhood, etc. a preliminary analysis is necessary. HUNC has all the expertise that is required to do a focused and clear research.

Research maps the following elements:
– market potential
– the current use and how it can be improved
– elements which consolidate social cohesion
– chances for place-making
– genius loci

research step-by-step plan
1. draw up the hypothesis
2. inventory the problem definition
3. establishing contacts between all the stakeholders
4. collecting all the relevant data on the location and the program
5. comparing the findings with professional literature
6. visualising all the data in maps and graphs
7. making connections between data
8. extract conclusions
9. formulate recommendations based on the conclusions
10. inventory, findings and recommendations are summarised in a (digital) book and presentation
11. place-testing

During each step, consultation meetings will be held with client and stakeholders.

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