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Urban interventions
HUNC creates urban interventions to make cities irresistibly attractive and to inspire people to make use of the public domain. The urban interventions by HUNC can be both temporary or permanent. Our primary focus is to make designs which are inviting towards people and which challenge them to play. The urban interventions by HUNC always are made with the intention to contribute to the health, wellbeing, and happiness of urbanites.

The temporary interventions are ready-mades. They are for rent and can be used for special occasions, to fill up temporary emptiness or to do tests in the public domain. This last application has the benefit that the outcomes of the tests will lead to better implementations in the long run. How this is carried out Is specified under Place-testing.

To achieve well established permanent urban interventions HUNC works by the follow step-by-step plan.

Step-by-step plan Urban interventions:
1. Making an inventory of the locations problems and opportunities
2. Compiling scenarios
3. Collecting data on and at the location
4. Creating a design which will bring the necessary solutions, together with all the stakeholders and in balance with the budget.
5. Transforming the solutions into targeted designs
6. Applying the designs and proposals

From a longer-term perspective, the urban interventions are better for the functioning of the public domain and therefore financially more efficient. By implementing solid urban interventions you’ll create a connectedness with all the stakeholders.

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