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By using architecture in the right way it enhances the happiness of the inhabitants and its users. It contributes to a positive experience of the city. We love to show and give you an experience of how architecture can contribute on both a human and on an urban scale in creating ruggedly attractive cities. And how you create for inhabitants and users a place for individual expression and social cohesion at the same time.

HUNC works for both professional and individuals as clients. For both client groups we place their specific wishes first. Our aim is to create specific architectural designs which could not have been designed for any other client.

Architectural step-by-step plan
1. inventory of the client’s wishes
2. collecting data of the location and program
3. brainstorming with the client and all stakeholders
4. exploring different options based on the results of the brainstorm session
5. choosing the best option and to develop this into a preliminary design
6. checking the preliminary design on its financial and technical feasibility
7. developing the preliminary design into a final design
8. producing a feasibility study of the final design
9. applicating for permits
10. making of detailed architectural drawings
11. building preparations and drawing up price and contract
12. execution and delivery

During each step, consultation meetings will be held with client and stakeholders.

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Environmental Psychology

HUNC uses the insights of Environmental Psychology.

This is a discipline that studies the effect of the (built) environment on the behaviour and well-being of humans. It also looks at the effect of human behaviour on the natural environment.

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