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HUNC is committed to improving the city close to the locals. By creating positive experiences for people to enjoy, to have a smile and to participate in. To achieve this we use place-making. We change generic urban spaces into valuable places.

The benefit of place-making is that it is organized together with the neighbourhood. It is temporary and relatively easy to realize. When a neighbourhood is too complex, when a space has a wider reach than the directly surrounding locals and when a municipality is in doubt about certain improvements, then we use place-testing. Both serve the same goals, use the same techniques only the latter has wider use.

Place-making and place-testing are supplementary to one another.

Benefits of place-making

  • creates a sense of belonging to neighbourhood
  • improves living conditions for tenants
  • creates friendships
  • quickly applicable
  • changeable
  • small means, great results
  • temporary

Benefits of place-testing

  • the same as place-making
  • applicable when neighbours have capacity to participate in place-making
  • applicable at locations where more people make use of than only locals
  • creates a quick positive experience
  • brings locals together who otherwise wouldn’t
  • gives municipality and housing corporations possibility to start improvements on short notice
  • is measurable and results are used for improvements
  • shortens distance between drawing board and neighbourhood
  • isn’t fixed for the upcoming decennials, but is flexible.
  • short term improvements in playing possibilities children
  • positive experience of neighbourhood and increases happiness locals

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