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Interior design
For your company, you would like to have an interior design which expresses and reinforces the identity of your business. Our studio can design and execute a completely new interior for you, but we can also help you with fine-tuning and improving your current interior. Of course, you’re also welcome for advice on what you can do yourself.

It’s important that your business’s interior has the right appearance towards the city. By bringing the core values of your company to the front in the interior design you can create a strong community around your business. The interior design can strengthen your corporate identity in the three-dimensional field. A good interior design is beneficial for you, your employers and your clients.

Step-by-step plan for interior designs
1. introductory meeting and orientation on the possibilities
2. inventory of the client’s wishes, the identity of the company, the location and the intended function of the place.
3. Making of preliminary design together with an advice on colour
4. Making of the final interior design and establishing and analyzing the budget
5. Realization of the design

You are also welcome at HUNC for a changing a part of your interior.

Advice session
Would you like some advice on how to decorate your company, we can help you with:
– identity and recognizability
– layout
– styling
– use of colour
– lights

Ask us for an obligation free quote and give us a call to make an appointment
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