Place Led Development

What is Place Led Development?

Place Led Development is creating urban areas where people like to be. Where it is nice to walk along a street; because it is lively, the buildings have a human scale and when you look around it has a pleasant appearance.
These places occur by intertwining Placemaking with area and project development. Place Led Development makes citizens healthy and happy.

The public space is the backbone of Place Led Development. It goes beyond nicely decorated public spaces. It is the step from ‘space to place’ and the interplay between short and long term. This asks for new criteria in urban planning and new instruments for area development.

Quick guide Place Led Development?

place led development
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The Flying Grass Carpet

Place Led DevelopmentĀ 

  • involves all stakeholders
  • activates the public domain
  • creates a mix of functions
  • from ‘space to place’
  • uses the knowledge of the community
  • long-term commitment
  • place management


  • long lasting value increase
  • qualitative urban density
  • gives identity to a place
  • increases commitment community
  • active and healthy citizens
  • stronger sense of community
  • focused on innovative economy
  • good for the climate


With the Place Led Development working-group (part of Placemaking Europe) we organize webinars to learn and to inspire. During these webinars the working-group focuses on the different phases of development, the instruments to use and the smart and effective choices to make. We then look at what results can be achieved. We do this on the basis of existing cases.

Research Value of Placemaking

value of placemaking

for whom:
– real estate parties active in area development; projectdevelopers, investors and housing cooperatives,
– municipalities and governments that set up frameworks for area development,
– placemakers and designers who play a role in area development and real estate.

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Place led Development

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Place Led Development
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Place Led Development
casus: Barcelona super blocks

Workshop BNSP

BNSP workshop


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Place Led Development in practice

The shift from regular area development to creating valuable public spaces and urban areas where the human scale is the priority, asks for a different approach. This is of influence on each aspect of the developing process. Below you can read an explanation per developing phase.

  1. concept. Create a concept that looks at a larger context. Include in this how people can walk through the area, where and how children can play. How it contributes to happiness, a healthy community, a densification of the area and a mix of functions.
    Strengthen the team with involved residents, placemakers and passionate professionals.
  2. planning. Start by activating the location. By making use of placemaking and placetesting you ensure involvement in the development. At the same time you gain insight into what works and what doesn’t.
  3. design. Incorporate the insights gained by placemaking and placetesting into the design. Focus on human-scale designs. It is important to design spaces that are attractive at eye level. Architecture should be designed as part of the street.
  4. development. In this phase, placemaking is the means to connect the neighbourhood. This results into a better resale value and faster development. Celebrate every milestone!
  5. management. Place Led Development is an ongoing process. Placemaking therefore continues after delivery. In this way, efforts will continue to be made on value creation in the area.
place making in gebieds ontwikkeling diagram
Place Led Development