Human Urban Nature Connected

Designs to make you fall in love with city life

HUNC sees cities as a social identity for a worthy living; where people can achieve their chances and dreams, where optimal social interactions occur, the development of knowledge will be pulled to a higher level and everybody can participate and nobody will be excluded.

The unique urban designs by HUNC contribute to:

  • a better social cohesion,
  • a saver public space,
  • a positive image,
  • a more desirable business location,
  • enhancing the happiness of the inhabitants,
  • to attract tourists,
  • chances for cultural expression,
  • challenging opportunities for children to play,
  • improving of the urban health and environment

Our inspiration book about seductive cities is out now


tiny Flying Grass Carpet

Personal Tiny Flying Grass Carpet installed

Due to Covid 19 we’re all advised to stay at home.

We still like to give you the feeling of having fun at The Flying Grass Carpet and that’s why we now have developed the Tiny Carpet. A carpet that is cozy, fun, cheerful, soft, and easy to install in your home or garden.

Green Roof Initiative CityLab 010

Green Roof Initiative receives CityLab010 2020

We can set to work on Green Roof Initiative with the contribution by CityLab010

Studio ID Eddy and HUNC are currently developing a system to change the roof landscape in cities.
The modular system of Green Roof Initiative can green each flat roof.

With this system, we can battle heat stress and peaks in rainfall. The biodiversity will get a boost and we will create an outstanding esthetic connected roof landscape.

Flying Grass Carpet Nijmegen

In December 2019 we installed a Flying Grass Carpet in Nijmegen

In the Carpet we used the icons of Nijmegen:
The medal of Nijmeegse vierdaagse, The bridge, the Stevensgate and the Saint-stevens tower

Upgrade for girls’ playground

After years of enthusiastic use, the Garden deserved an upgrade. All the playing objects received a fresh layer of paint. We added a swing and placed special designed heart shaped bird nests, insect hotels and a bat-house.
For the full project have a look here 

Kick off your shoes, unfold your picnic blanket and get ready to relax together with your friends. Picture yourself in a green oasis in the heart of Rotterdam. A special edition of The Flying Grass Carpet, The Giant, has landed on its main square, the Schouwburgplein.

This art-piece transforms the square into the world’s largest pop-up park. With the use of The Flying Grass Carpet, HUNC and Studio ID Eddy aim to improve the public space in cities. The Carpets bring a touch of softness to cities, create places to meet and render the city to a more human scale.


Urban Interventions
HUNC creates urban interventions to make cities irresistibly attractive and to inspire people to make use of the public domain. The urban interventions by HUNC can be both temporary or permanent. Our primary focus is to make designs which are inviting towards people and which challenge them to play. The urban interventions by HUNC always are made with the intention to contribute to the health, wellbeing and happiness of urbanites.

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By using architecture in the right way it enhances the happiness of the inhabitants and its users. It contributes to a positive experience of the city. We love to show and give you an experience of how architecture can contribute on both a human and on an urban scale in creating ruggedly attractive cities. And how you create for inhabitants and users a place for individual expression and social cohesion at the same time.

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Interior Design
For your company you would like have an interior design which expresses and reinforces the identity of your business. Our studio can design and execute a completely new interior for you, but we can also help you with fine-tuning and improving your current interior. Of course you’re also welcome for advice on what you can do yourself.

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Floris Alkemade, Chief Government architect The Netherlands, about HUNC:

‘It seems to me that at HUNC insurmountable objections are not the paralysis but the engine to all of their designs!’

Ruud Breteler, Coordinator Levendige stad, municipality Rotterdam:

‘The Flying Grass Carpet on the Grotekerkplein quickly became a meeting place for visitors to the city, the carpet invited tourists to stay in the square longer. Due to their global experience and enthusiasm we knew that collaborating with HUNC we could quickly achieve our goal.

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