Project Description

Design: HUNC
Concept: HUNC & Kaliber
Commissioned by: the municipality of The Hague
implementation column: werkplaats RDM interieurs
implementation graphic design: Studio Piraat
implementation stickers: letterop reclamemakers
implementation painted lines: martensdeco
location: Jonckbloetplein, The Hague
realisation: 2018

Signpost recycling point

It´s a good thing to recycle. It reduces waste and energy use. There is a treasure of materials in our garbage. But recycling can be confusing. Why should you recycle and which waste goes into which garbage container?

People who don´t know why it´s so important to recycle tend to trow all their garbage in the general garbage container. So a lot of perfectly good materials get wasted. But even people with the best intentions, don´t always understand it and unintentionally throw their garbage in the wrong container.

It´s critical to tell people the importance of recycling so that they will take the effort to recycle. On the other hand it´s essential to prevent people from making mistakes so that less garbage becomes useless.

For the municipality of The Hague we designed a pillar to be placed next to the recycle point. The pillar communicates to people: ´Here you can trow away your recycled garbage´. It makes the place recognizable. Secondly it gives information about the importance of recycling and what is going to be done with the recycled waste. Thirdly the lines on the pole guide you to the right garbage container. If you want to throw away glass, the yellow lines will take you to the glass container. If you want to trow away paper, the blue line will show you to the paper container. And the orange and red lines will respectively bring you to the plastic and the textile container.

The pillar has been of a composite of reused plastics, to prove that reused materials can be transformed into new beautiful objects.