Project Description

Djakartaterras, redesign of inner garden in Amsterdam
team: HUNC and Eric Douma Landscape Architecture
on behalf of: Betonrestore BV
main client: Eigen Haard.

The residents of the Djakartaterras (Djakarta terrace in Dutch) have been given a new communal courtyard. They live in an exceptional place; on top of a supermarket. The roof of the supermarket is the residents’ terrace.
So the plants grows in containers. In the center of the terrace are 2 large green containers. These have a rim of glazed deep blue bricks. In the containers are blue sculptures along which climbing plants grow.

The pavement consists of light and dark strips. The residents on the terrace-level have their own patio. This is bordered by a row of planters. The planters have been reused and painted in the same colour as the blue brick wall.

Round planters are spread around over the terrace. These have the same shades of blue as the sculptures. The plants are specially selected for when they bloom, so that the residents can enjoy flowers for as long as possible. The redesign has given the Djakarta terrace a soft appearance.