Project Description

Flying Grass Carpet strip

location: Korte Hoogstraat, Rotterdam
design team: HUNC and Studio ID Eddy
on initiative of: shopkeeper’s association Korte Hoogstraat, city of Rotterdam, HUNC & Studio ID Eddy
material: artificial grass

Despite its unique and interesting shops, this street had problems attracting enough customers. The Korte Hoogstraat is a side street of the Beurstraverse and the Hoogstraat, two main shopping streets in the city centre. These two streets have such a strong pulling effect that a major part of the shopping public has a blind spot for the Korte Hoogstraat. Besides that, the Korte Hoogstraat has an uninviting modernistic appearance. The Flying Grass Carpet strip catches the shoppers attentions, makes them aware of the street and seduces them to enter.