Project Description

The Fugulocos
materials: container pillows, seat belt band, swimming pool buoys
size: it differs at each location

Stop, take a rest, come and sit on the Fugulocos. Arranged in amazing patterns the Fugulocos can be laid out anywhere; in a long line in a street, beautiful as a lace tapestry on a square or playful in a field. They are perfect for pop up place-making.

The Fugulocos are made of inflated container pillows. They are bouncy, relaxing and above all fun. Both kids and grown-ups will enjoy them. Modular and flexible, this cheerful installation can be assembled in infinite beautiful patterns.

The Fugulocos have been at:
– Placemakingweek Valencia 2019
– Wereldsprookjes Festival Overschie 2018
– Reggeafestival Overschie 2017
– de Provenier Rotterdam 2017
– Frisse Vis, Visserijplein Rotterdam 2016
– Pop Up Jantje Beton, Lieve Verschuierstraat Rotterdam 2016
– Droomstraat Berkelselaan Rotterdam 2015
– De Rotterdamse Dakendagen 2015

‘ The Fugulocos gave the roof the ‘eye-popping’ quality we were obtaining for the Rotterdamse Dakendagen.’
Joep Klabbers, Rotterdamse Dakendagen

‘ How do you temporarily change your street? How do you make public space an extension of your living room? We, a small group of residents on the Berkelselaan in Rotterdam set ourselves this very challenge. For one weekend long we made our street a pedestrian-only zone. The street became a meeting place where children could play and neighbours could talk without cyclists or motorists being given right of way. The Fugulocos’s designed temporary seating which emphasized the playfulness of our experiment. It wasn’t only the children in the neighbourhood who loved and enjoyed sitting on the giant airbags, the adults proved they were only really big kids and had just as much fun with the seats as the children did. We rose to the challenge and brought the young and old in our neighbourhood together. ‘
Kim Hoefnagels
Droomstraat de Berkelselaan Rotterdam