Project Description

Year 2020-2021

Dots on Foreestplein

client: Municipality of Delft
location: Foreestplein Delft
executor dots: Markeer BV
production team: Youp van der Weijde and Jasper van de Gelder

tactical urbanism
Foreestplein and De Foreest shopping area need a makeover. The municipality of Delft has chosen to use a temporary design by HUNC to
explore the best way to activate the area. This way of testing, trying and learning is called tactical urbanism. This dot design was chosen together with the entrepreneurs in the area. The project is based on resident and entrepreneur participation.

Phase 1
The area consists of a square and a shopping area. Because of Corona, it has been decided to divide the project into 2 phases. The square was completed in the first phase. The shopping area will follow later in phase 2.

Phase 2
The dots in front of the stores and around the crossings are part of phase 2. The whole area around the square has come together.

The square had to be more attractive for the young people who regularly come to play a game of basketball. A place they can be proud of. Above all, it also had to be a square for families with small children. So that shopping can be combined with playing on the square. Finally, the square had to become a real eye-catcher, so that residents from other neighbourhoods come and discover the shopping area.

HUNC has created a design that catches the eye. The fresh colours attract attention. The cheerful dots tempt you to play. For the basketball court, the contours of the game have of course been maintained, but the standard lines have been given their very own look.
The other dots are placed in such a way that children invent their own games. This stimulates their creativity and makes it more challenging for them to play here.