Project Description

Project Description

Family apartments

type: apartment building with public functions in the plinth
volume: 45.000m3
number of apartments: 40
status: in development
location: confidential

More and more families choose to live in the city. Previously they would move towards the outskirts or the suburbs. Currently, they like to settle in the inner-city. For this group of urbanites, a new housing typology is needed instead of the standard apartment buildings.

In this apartment building, the houses consist of 3 floors. The stacked apartments are shifted towards each other, creating a pleasant external space. The top floor of each house can be included in the apartment or can have a function on its own. It´s possible to change this floor into a kangaroo house, a B&B, or work studio. The top floor has its own access.

The apartment tower has a characteristic silhouette. This is created by the shifts between every 3 floors. At one side it fans out. This creates a different silhouette from each side you look at the building.

For this design, we used the principles of Biophilic Design. The whole facade is made out of wood. From each angle, the building has a different shape. On every three floors, there is a communal terrace, filled with plants.
Further Biophilic details can’t be revealed yet as the location of the plot is still confidential.