Project Description

year: 2007
team: AAArchitecten & HUNK-design/HUNC
plants by: Fachjan
location: former powerhouse Caballero factory, The Hague

The Tokyo| Paris based fashion brand Comme des Garçons is a pioneer in pop ups shops. Their temporary shops are called Guerrilla Stores and are located away from the mainstreet. If you’d find the Guerilla Store you would belong to the Comme des Garçons in-crowd.
For the Dutch Guerrilla Store they set their eyes on the empty boiler house in The Hague.

AAArchitecten asked HUNK-design to team up with them and together we designed the shop’s interior. The location had still all sorts of traces of its former use and to emphasize its sturdy and abandoned character we were inspired by old buildings overgrown with plants.

We let plants take over and installed 13m tall trees in the centre part and lots of other plants in all the nooks and corners. The clothes hang from special designed racks attached to the 15m high ceiling. They could be pulled up so that in case of a party people could dance underneath the clothes.

The interior was completed with second hand furniture, photographs by Ruud van der Peijl and sculptures of black dogs and golden garden gnomes by Ottmar Hörl.
There were changing exhibitions by Henneke van der Spek, Ilse Versluijs, Eddy Kaijser, Jana Flohr, Eefje Verstralen, Apachemotion, Mirthe Blusse, Angelica Consejo and Julie Coste. And to top it off Elouise van Gestel organized a Fluff market.