Project Description

year: 2021
Bleiland, temporary play possibilities
commissioned by: City of Amsterdam
woodwork and execution: NINOK
location: Square ’40-’45, Amsterdam

Children belong in the city. They should play there. Bleiland gives children the opportunity to create their own games at Square ’40-’45.  Their parents can, at the same time, have a chat with each other while sitting at the picnic tables.

neighbourhood initiative
Bleiland originates from a neighbourhood initiative project by the city of Amsterdam. Neighbours were asked to come up with plans for Square ’40-’45. A couple of these plans were brought together in the design Bleiland. There ware requests for picnic tables, a large chessboard and a place for children to play. The design has been made in consultation with the residents.

tactical urbanism/placetesting
Bleiland will only stay at the square temporarily. It’s meant to give the neighbours a nice place to stay and play, but it also has a different agenda. It’s there to test what works best at the square. This is why it is made of different platforms. These platforms can easily be re-arranged in other test setups.

Bleiland has been designed and made with the greatest care. It’s made of wood from local trees. The paint is also environmental friendly. On top of that, it’s designed to be easily re-used. If Bleiland isn’t necessary anymore at Square ’40-’45, the different platforms can be moved and reassembled at other places in the city.